Chapter 1

Nach glorreichem Sieg, zog ein dichter Nebel über das Schlachtfeld.
In der Ferne Erklingt der Groll, der Götter SIDARØK´s und ihre Krieger beginnen zu tanzen
After a glorious victory, a dense fog rolled over the battlefield.
In the distance, the resentment of SIDARØK's gods sounded and their warriors start to dance
We have created a new project called Sidarøk.
We get so much great music sent to us that unfortunately, due to differences in styles, we cannot release on Ragnarøk. So we decided to create a new project to showcase these other styles.
Welcome Sidarøk.
Sidarøk will be a platform to release a variety of high class quality music that is distinct but different to Ragnarøk’s usual output.
As music lovers, we could not bring ourselves to ignore the amazing tracks that are sent to us, good music is good music regardless of genre. To this end we decided to create this new platform to release these tracks.
The first release are finished and ready and there is ready contact and interest from Dj´s and there is ALREADY contact and interest from Dj´s.
Tom Marten will take care of the day to day bus